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Sunshine !

Yeah I hope up to gorgeous sunshine this morning, still freezing cold but lovely and bright :)

First day of my holidays and I am pleased with myself because I have all my laundry done, it's the little hings that count.

I had another good nights sleep, so feeling full of the joys of spring this morning. Just need to sort some groceries or we will starve :)

Many blessing to all x

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Such a great feeling when you get to tick things off your to do list isnt it. I am loving your positivity and feel it could well be catching! It is a lovely day today


Happy holidays Tara and its nice to see the sunshine, my cats couldn't wait to get out in it. I too have had a good nights sleep and have been hoovering and have mopped kitchen floor. Nice we are having a positive day and long may it continue.

Love and best wishes xxx


Hey Tara have a great day, keep that happy feeling going :)




Hi Tara, nice when you get some sun isn't it although it hasn't reached here yet! Pleased that the first day of the holiday has started well for you, and yes, it is the little things isn't it, I find I always feel better when the house is organised and tidy, if only it stayed like that for more than 5 mins!


Hi Tara

Happy holidays love , sunshine wow , can see why that would make you feel happy , we have woken up to snow again , which I am sick of seeing ...hope that sunshine comes our way soon





Yes the sunshine always makes me feel better. Even bought some new shorts in the hope of tanning my legs. Slept not bad but still feel a bit panicky for some reason. More power to your elbow with all your cleaning and shopping


Hi Tara and wow i know how you feel me and trip always say the sun makes us smile and more positive so well done to you hun for making good progress i think alot of us have been more positive the last couple of days we all need to stay strong and help one another good luck with the shop and treat yourself to something YUMMY :) xxxxxx


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