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i think im just bonkers ???

Hi all, its been a while since ive been on, i thought i was doing so well i havent had a panic attack in over a month im still in the house a recluse but i dream of getting out :) i was takin one day at a time and then all of a sudden them strange little niggles are creeping back, i keep telling myself that they are stupid and if i allow them they will consume but sometimes its hard to make my neroutic brain belive i have a life that can be niggle free. Am i bonkers? is anyone else like me? when i say niggles i mean today i noticed a patch on my toungue ok nothing bad but then i was convinced it was my toungue swelling and that was going to lead to my throat closing and me suffercating stupid i know. now i have a sore throat so of course its getting worse, tomorrow it could be my chest infection causing crackling in my chest which will be a heart attack etc im so sick of being like this i just want my life back, i took it for granted going out wit my kids and stuff id give anything to do it again. xx rant over lol donver :)

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Love you blog title "think im bonkers" made me smile , thought you are not on your own

Think we can all me like you & I can relate to what you are saying

I can go for ages then spot something & then it starts everything of again

You have done really well , anxiety takes a while before we get on top of it , set backs are common , but you come through this

Looks like you have a good sense of humour which you need with this ;-)





ive found my sense of humour again yes which is brilliant thank you x i keep a diary and if i look back like even a month i can see a huge difference to how i am, a montha go no one was even aloud in my home now i welcome so its all good maybe im just waitin for a miricle maybe one day :) x thanks again x



We all think like this at times when we are having a set back but i am sure you will bounce back. You were saying about being a recluse and not going out start with walking to the end of the path then come back. I know its hard because i have good days and then when i think yeah i can get to the shops i have to turn back. Its horrible and we get frustrated when one moment we feel like we are making progress then get a knock back. Just keep going.

Miracles do happen just please stay positive :) I wish you all the best.

Take care

Hugs Seyi xxx


Lol, your not alone in your bonkersness, I'm a reclusive, hermitised shut in who gets random pains in the head and thinks she has a brain tumour, I forget how to swallow and can't eat spaghetti for fear of choking. I wish I could be me old self, I'll get there only I would have met some super people on the journey who I would never have met otherwise. Things happen for a reason. Xxx best of luck, love and happiness xxx


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