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I am still around :)

Hi peeps been having a few messages from people thinking I am no longer on the site, but I am still here and still fighting :)

It has been a very crazy few weeks for me, I have had to take time away from blogging to help a friend out and be there for him in a time of need. he was there for me when my life went down hill so i did the same for him.

Still doing my CBT and trying to get my head around new ways of thinking, but I now have an understanding on how I am feeling so that is a start, i have been diagnosed with severe panic disorder so not trying to learn more about that to help myself.

I have my little girls staying with my from Wednesday to Monday I cant wait as i have done some nice things for them for Easter :)

hope you are all having a great day/night.

Keep strong keep safe.



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Dear Trip,

It is nice to hear from you.

Have a great Easter with your children.

warmest regards,



Nice to hear off u trip, great ur feeling better. Enjoy easter with ur girls xxx


Hi trip, nice to hear from you again and what a good friend you are.

I hope you and your girls have a very hoppy Easter

Love and best wishes xxx


Thank you all for your comments have a great day.




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