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Hi,tomorrow I am going to a C.A.R.M. meeting via Lifeline.I don't fully understand what this meeting involves but part of it could be acupuncture.I think it is an avenue worth exploring because I fully accept that my problems are in my head even though I feel constant butterflies in my stomach.I don't think the medication route is right for me and wondered if anyone has tried acupuncture as an alternative.Anxiety certainly has changed my perspective on different forms of treatment and I will try anything that may help.Do any of you have knowledge of C.A.R.M.,all I know is this service is available to recovering addicts who can suffer terribly from anxiety.I will let you know how it goes as it may help others,we will see,take care.

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No I dont no anything about this , but I will be very interested to hear how you go on

Good luck





I had acupuncture for stress and found it helped me. The acupuncturist can tell you which pressure spots to massage to give you relief from anxiety. I'll give anything a go, (just about), if it helps me to get better. Good luck, hope you get on ok.



I don't know anything about this. As regarding acupuncture, I have had it for various reasons including anxiety, and all I know is that I feel very relaxed after it.

I hope all goes well for you. xx


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