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Am I suffering with anexity?

Hi all I really hope you can help me please.

I have recently been back and for the doctors with a constant headache, palpitations, dizziness, smelling and tasting oranges and blurred vision on the same side as my headache

The doctors took some blood and said it was fine and also did a neuro test where you have to walk in a line, touch your nose etc.

They said they don't think it's anything sinister but I am so worried that it is?

Do you think I am suffering from anexity?

I'm so worried that :(

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Hi, I suffer from GAD (general anxiety disorder) I get headaches and dizziness, I had an ammonia taste and smell in my mouth I don't get palpitations as much but that was my main symptom. If you've had tests and they're fine then it may be anxiety. Usually something sets it off, you may not have felt great and its triggered anxiety. That's what happens to me by either stress or illness. I really feel for you. Obviously go back to you GP if anything changes. Much love to you. Xxx



Like lee i suffer from anxiety disorder and severe panic attacks i have dizziness and legs feel like jelly and trouble getting out sometimes. Its sounds like panic attacks your having and hopefully this will pass.

Did the Doctor give you anything to help?

Hope you feel better soon

Hugs Seyi xxx


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