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update on my ectopic beats

hi all, how you all feeling?

ive had a mad few days, went to the surgery the other moring coz i could feel my anxiety coming back on. dr examined me blood pressure and pulse were both high. wasnt aloud home until i had and ecg, bacause i told her id been having more skipped heart beats, (although it feels like my heart is stopping and starting)

had the ecg done she said it was fine all regular and normal and strong, and my pulse had come down from 135 to 95bpm.

i had to go back the next day and have a suger and thyroid blood test, which i did they both came back normal.

shes now come to the conculsion im suffering from ectopic heartbeats and im having a monitor fitted sometime before june!

im worried, i think theyve missed something and i have a heart defect, she doesnt as shes saying if i had any issues with my heart it would be there all the time, it would show up on an ecg, and it would show up on blood tests as the heart releases emsymes into the blood!

i cant stop thinking about this, what if their wrong? is there something dangerous causing this? have they missed something?

its doing my head in as i have these symptoms even when im not even worrying, so if it is my anxiety as they say how is that happening?

my heart genuinely feels like its momentarly stopping for a split second then starting back up and i get hot and dizzy! shes convinced theres nothing serious im not.....

can this happen? i know i go on and on on my blogs about this but its worrying me there is something really bad wrong and they havnt seen it

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Hi HB, it must be an awful time for you at the moment but I think you must really try and believe what your doctor has told you and try to trust that they are correct in what they say. You've had an ECG and blood tests and these have come back normal. So much can be found in blood tests and ecgs I very much doubt that they are wrong. You dont have to be anxious at that very moment to have an ectopic heartbeat, and they can also be caused by stuff like coffee. The heat and dizzyness you feel most likely is the anxiety and panic that comes with you feeling the missed beat. Please try and believe what the doctor is telling you. remember that so many people here have probably experienced every symptom under the sun with anxiety. Our bodies can do some very strange things when anxious.


Hi H2b32

I went through the very same thing. During my panic attacks my heart went to 130BPM and I would experience my heart stopping and would have to jolt upright and inhale quickly to feel like I was getting it started again. It was very scary. I had ECGs which came up fine and had to carry a heart monitor around for a month. I recorded a few instances but when I sat with the consultant he told me my heart was fine and healthy. He said the palpitations and missed heartbeats are actually a very common thing and nothing to worry about in most cases, and with regards to my 130BPM, the only time he would worry is if it stays that way and never drops down. I asked if all of these skipped and fast heartbeats were causing damaged to my heart and he explained that the heart is one of the strongest muscles in our body and can cope with severe rushes of adrenaline and fear, which is what we experience during anxiety. It put me at easo so much and now I can handle the palpitations although its never nice.

I hope everything goes OK for you. Try not to worry. Keep us updated.



Thanks both! It's the most horrible feeling ever! I hate it! I feel like I've got a serious heart problem they missed, why can't I believe them. I've had some strong ones too they feel very powerful I hate it, it's effecting everything I do

H2b xx


It really is isn't it. The one thing I always say to myself when it happens is that I am actually breathing. If it was something severe with my heart I wouldn't be functioning. At my worst my Mam stayed with me for a few days as she suffered anxiety for a long time. I would have moments where I would grip her arm and be like 'Mam I can't breathe', 'my heart feels like it's stopping' and she would just look at me and say 'you're talking and it looks like you're breathing to me'. Rather than fuel my panic she would be very realistic and blunt with me and it kind of made me go 'Oh, you're right' and step out of the panic bubble. It took me a good few weeks to finally get on top of it though.


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