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I'm afraid of doctors... Can anybody help me with what to say?

I'm really struggling with how I've been feeling for the last few years. And its taken me this long to appear on one of these sites to ask for help. It's long overdue.

I've been looking at symptoms of Social Anxiety for the past few weeks and everything I've read is all too true, and it has brought me to tears more times than I can remember.

I am terrified of going to the doctors, and I can't shake the feeling they wont believe me, or tell me I'm just being too dramatic.

(The last time I went to my GP, I went for burning sensations and severe constant pain in my feet.... They told me I'd grow out of it (I was about 15) and it was to do with my circulation... I haven't been back there since... I still have the same symptoms four years on... I just can't bring myself to go back again.)

Even though the circumstances are completely different, my self esteem is far too low to be glazed over and ignored again...

Can anybody help me with what I need to say to be believed?

Or how to get myself past the initial walking up to the receptionist and not being completely crippled by fear to get my words out?

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Hi,dont ever be afraid to talk to your doctor,it is very important to talk about these issues and I find that talking helps a lot.I have only realised in the last 3 weeks that i have had anxiety for years.Just visiting this site will tell you that there are lots of us with similar issues.Take a friend to the doctors or a family member,dont ever feel ashamed.You are so young,i am 50 this year and we all feel it.If you want to cry then cry,get it out.People here will help you,remember,you are never on your own,take care.


Hi so sorry you are having a horrid time it was only a few months ago that I was in a right old state. I have a really good doctor but I found it impossible to tell her how I was feeling, it took 3 visits and all the time I was getting worse. My advice would be either write it down and hand it to your doctor or take someone with you so they can open up the conversation, failing that I just mumbled that I couldn't cope anymore and burst into tears. Whatever you do please pleas don't carry on struggling there is so much help available now you don't have to live like this and they will believe you. people on this site understand and will support you take care love eve x


Hi, so sorry you are feeling this way. Just remember you will get better, things can improve with and you can get better with support from a doctor. I find as i struggle to get my words out once i get to the doctors, especially decribing something not visable. I went to the docs so many times over the past few years and couldnt get the words out to explain how i felt and a few months ago it all got so much worse and i was in such a state, since then ive been to the doctors lots, i write everything down of how i feel and my symptoms, concerns, worries, dont worry if its a long or short list, just be very honest and pass the list to the doctor and they will help you, my doctors been very supportive and as you can see from this site anxiety is so common.Going to the doctors with a list was the best thing i ever did for my anxiety. Youve made a big step coming to this site, you can be brave again, write back and let us know how you get on, good luck xx


I hope you overcome this I suffer the same way but you will get better indeed have someone go with you hope you feel better soon.


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