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Having a bad day

Woke up really early this morning very anxious and restless. I am walking from room to room tidying around but my legs feel like jelly and a little dizzy. I feel totally exhausted and wonder how i am going to cope throughout the day. I am in and out the loo and feel awful today.

Do not want to sit and cry as this is a waste of energy.

Crazy because i had a fairly good day yesterday pretty calm but today i am all over the place.

I get so scared and nervous any advice please.

Hope everyone is having a good day

Hugs Seyi x

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Hi hun sorry you not having a good day and i had a good week but then this week it was back creeping into my mind again and the symptoms why is it we know what they are but they still always manage to make us panic more and worry i know its hard and its good to keep busy but remember your body does need a rest hun otherwise your anxiety may feel worse can you maybe sit and try and read something that may take your focus of the symptoms or do you think you could maybe lie down for an hour with some quiet gentle music on i know its scary i have been blogging last couple of days on edge again but remember we all here for you so dont be affraid to ask xxx


Hi Sheffield

Thanks for your kind words its just you wake up in the morning full of fear then the anxiety and panic attacks are worse. I have been reading today to try and chill there is only so much housework you can do. :)

I am glad you had a good week hopefully many more will follow.

Its just nice coming on here knowing people can relate and understand i find this so comforting.

Thanks again have a good day:)


Seyi xxx


Hi sorry to hear you are having a bad day, hope it improved a bit for you, its the worst having a bad day after a better day isnt it, makes it hard but keep focusing on the good days and remember it will pass. I found looking up relaxation music on u tube good, there are some good downloads/podcasts on the mental health foundation website and a website called excelatlife, i have a good app on my mobile to that was free to download, i also find walking helps loads and exercise and lay off the sugary foods and drink plenty of water. I know all of these things are easier said then done when u feel like that but try and do some as they will help eventually. Write back and let me know how you've got on xx


Thank you for the advice will let you know once i have looked up the podcasts downloads and u tube.

Appreciate your time and help

Hugs Seyi xxx


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