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Have i done the right thing?

Iv been to see my doc again this morning i said im feeling better since my bad panic attack what knocked me for 6. But still not 100% i was told its also a mixture or depression or stress mixed in with my anxiaty i start my counciling tomorrow and the juniour doc tried blagging me into having medication aswel as counciling saying i will be on it for 6month and gradualy lower the dosage but i said nope i hate taking my tabs im on neather mind more and i would rather see how counciling goes have i done the right thing not going on medication??????

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like you i hate taking medication sometime we do have to admit that we need a little help ,

my doc keeps trying to up mine i refuse as i want to deal with it not disbuise it all

if after conselling you dont feel any better you can always go back and then try meds .

Good luck tomorrow x


I agree with Bee, nobody wants to take medication, but they could help to support you while you have counselling. If you feel extremely anxious and/or depressed then meds can be very beneficial, not sure what I would have done without them!


Hi Nath, you can discuss this in counselling. Its no a one time offer, if you want to have a go and see if you're strong enough to cope without them good on you, but there is also nothig wrong with adimitting you may need a little extra help too. Just be honest with yourself and reach out when you need to. Your GP can still prescribe meds if you decide it may be a good idea later x


Counselling is would opt for because medication I was on 08/09, sent me dizzy, sick, blurred vision and with look after children my youngest was 4. I took them for two days and done self help.


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