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Ho hum!

Hi all. Went to Switzerland and flew standby. Should hv bn terrified but was a great adventure. It was all good. Had my lovely sister-in-law with me. But since I've been back I've gone downhill again. Had to spend 3 days in bed this week couldn't even take dog out. Really fed up with feeling so scared all the time. Just no reason for it. How come I can do a big thing like that and still wake every morning wishing the day was over so I can go back to bed. :(

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Hi I no exactly how you feel, I'm like that to. I can't give you any good advise except you are not the only one that this happens to. Take care x


Hi, that must be awful for you but think it could be because you had a great time and then come back to daily life! lots of people feel down after coming back from holiday, but because of how you are feeling at the mo this is probably exacerbated. Just keep reminding yourself that you had the great adventure, you did it, this is just a blip and hopefully you will feel a bit better soon.



What fantastic achievement going off to Switzerland perhaps reality kicked in on your return which is making you feel a little uncomfortable and scared.

I really hope you feel better soon.


Love Seyi x


Thanks all. Had a better day today off to Cornwall Sat to stay with lovely sister-in-law. X


That's good, and now you have lovely Cornwall to look forward to. I think we all have to have things to look forward to, even if they are small things and that helps get you through the darker times.


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