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Step in the right direction

I survived work, but in future I need to remember when you take time off all the work is piled on your desk for when you get back. But keeping busy kept my mind from wondering and worrying. I am supposed to be working a half day, but need to work all day today again. I started to feel anxious about agreeing to this but, talked myself round and didn't let the anxiety make the decision.

If I feel negative thoughts popping into my head, I try and think about something else or do something. I have family stuff with the inlays at the weekend, which also stresses me out but I am trying to approach it from a different angle too. I am banning the word 'treading' because it has played much too important a part in my life for many years.

I hope everyone is well. X

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Hi Tara, glad you survived the first day back. sounds like you are doing your best with the negative thoughts by trying to keep busy or think about something else. Not always easy! I over think and worry a lot, but am trying to overcome it. Most of the things we worry about never happen anyway, or don't turn out as bad as we imagine in our heads, so why do we do it!


Hi Kaz, I tend to analyse everything and over think things, to the point I paralyse myself with fear. When I get like this I can't eat so I keep a supply of Build Up meal replacement drinks just so I don't starve. I also got Omega 3 capsules, I read they are good for depression, anything is worth a try :)


Hi Tara, I also can't eat when I'm really anxious; I know some people go the other way and comfort eat. Haven't tried the omega 3 but have been taking a multi b and b12 as meant to be good for stress. As you said anythings worth a try and I know I feel a bit better by trying to do whatever I can to help myself.


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