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Is this anxiety or something else

Hello,trying to help myself and others with this one.I have a constant, unpleasant feeling in my stomach,butterflies if you like but not nice.I cant sit still or relax for long.I pace up and down,my mind races asking"what the hell is wrong with me".I don't feel sick or particularly upset and have nothing on my mind.When I think about bed I seem to get more anxious and when I get in bed,I have to tell myself all is well and I can breath ok.I manage short periods of sleep but often feel panicky and the need to get up.What do you think,thank you.

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This is definatly anxiety, its the way i was. I always felt more anxious at nite. Even thou i still get that feeling i find that either putting my headfones on, having a bath before bed or blogging wen that doesnt work helps xxx


Hi Castelnaudry

Nitetime can be very difficult when you are anxious during the day it is a littte easier to distract yourself - I find some nice soothing music to listen to really helps as I often can then slowly drift off to sleep listening to it on low volume on my headphones in bed. Breathing exercises can help to slow your mind & body down it takes a little practise close your eyes and take slow deep breaths on a count of five -ten in and then same on the out -breath concentrate on slowing everything and counting slowly in time with your breaths this does work place your hand lightly on your chest and really feel your body in time with your breathing as I said it takes a bit of practise it helps to slow your body and mind down and in turn is calming and relaxing you may need to do it several times depending on how hyper you feel. hope you can try these and they help relax you - with your anxiety you may need some therapy to help you recognise what is causing you to feel anxious and to help you manage it .


Yes definately this is anxiety. I have the nite problem aswell. I cant stand the winter months due to the constant darkness. I stay up late usually midnight. I have a night light on in the hall and I leave the door ajar. I also have the curtains slightly open to let in street light. I take deep slow breaths whilst trying to fall asleep.


yes defo

i struggle really badly with nights esp when alone .

i often leave a light on , have sopft music playing doesnt always work but its something ,.

i hardly sleep at all when i am alone i just have a constant fear of being abanadoned


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