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Hi everyone,

Just wanted to write a little something about myself, an introduction I guess.

Well, where to start!? I suppose I've been suffering majorly from ocd/anxiety/depression from mid to late 2010. In that time I've gave up a job I liked, told the women I married I didn't want to be with her, lost my home and now looks as though I will going bankrupt.

As you can imagine the last few years have been hell. I'm now trying to find myself again, who am I, what do I want from life, why has all this happened to me??

I'm pretty sure most people on here will know or at least understand what I've been through.

This brings me to why am I here!?

I'm just looking to talk to like minded people who've been through or going through the same as me. People who understand me rather than just say "keep your chin up" or "snap out of it"

If anyone ever wants to chat or needs support in anyway feel free to message me :)

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Hi Lostatsea

Fellow noobie! I've only recently joined myself.

I know EXACTLY where you're coming from with the 'keep you chin up' "advice". In fact that's the reason I haven't told anyone because I know that unless you feel it yourself you can't understand. They'll say 'what have you got to feel anxious about'. It also doesn't help that it's so hard to put into words how you feel. You just want to photocopy your mind and say 'There, that's how I feel'.

It hasn't impacted on my life in the same way it has you, it's more a physical and mental strain for me, but that's because I internalise everything; a problem in itself. But what you've gone through sounds very sucky.

I'm in the middle of professional help at the mo. Not sure if you have seen anyone but it can't hurt to check if the NHS can help you (unless you got loadsa money to see a private consultant(!))

I hope you keep blogging so we can keep tabs on you :)

Aurora (^-^)


Hello Lostatsea. did you realise you put the 'women' I married? Naughty boy! You're only supposed to have one at a time. Seriously, though, I do sympathise and won't tell you to snap out of it because I know you can't. I can't either. My problems are very different from yours, but I


Don't know what happened there - it went without me pressing anything! anyway, to continue..I like your photo and am a sucker for young men in trouble. Don't worry - I'm well over 60. Or maybe you should worry...but I don't know where you live.

It sounds as if you have decided on a complete new start. It will no doubt be hard at first, but well done for recognising you need this. Hope it goes well. x


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