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Feeling rubbish

Hi all

Went to see my nan yesterday which is always a very stressful experience for me. She relies on me for a lot of things and goes out of her way to isolate other family members so that the spotlight/responsibility is on me. Anyway to cut a long story short I came home from hers yesterday completely exhausted, angry and emotionally drained!! I went to bed early and actually slept well for a change. However, this morning I feel awful. Lots of dizziness, stomach pains, headaches, and my mood is just generally really low and irritable. I need to pull myself out of this so that I can get some work done because I have a busy week ahead :( Any advice? x

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it sounds like your nan needs a health care worker to go round and help out to take the load off you, maybe ask your gp about it. i know its hard but try not to bog yourself down cos its so hard for us lot to get back up once we crash. x


I think we only have so much emotional energy in our fuel tanks , and so sometimes being aware of this you must limit the length of time you stay with someone who is draining your tank down.

Some of us take things to heart more than others, so we get drained down quicker, I agree keep busy, I feel awful at the moment but I took my self posted the letter (the fresh air does you good) and to be walking helps the mind as well.

Good wishes B


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