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Back to porridge :/

So back to work today, mixed feelings. I know I need to get out of the house but being away for 7 hours is a challenge. My worst time is in the mornings these days, but today I managed to walk the dog and have breakfast, so onwards and upwards.

I did read my horoscope today and it was positive, it said the equinox would bring a change for the better, so roll on the 21st :) Other points of interest for today, going to try very hard and take responsibility for my own problems and not look to blame others. I want to try and live one day at a time, I find myself worrying about the weekend, or next month...... And finally I want to find some pleasure in my life and try not to be doom and gloom, I remember doing laughter yoga, and they said to 'fake it, 'till you make it'. So here goes hahhaahahhahahahahaha !

Sending love and positive vibes to everyone x

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Hi Tara, well you are up, walked the dog and had breakfast, so that's all positive! Good luck with your first day back at work after hols. So hard to live one day at a time ... But otherwise all we do is agonise and worry about stuff that might or might not happen in the future. I've always liked the fake it till you make it mantra. Not always easy to do but I often find sticking a smile on while dog walking and making the effort to say good morning to someone leads to a conversation that can lift one's spirits a little, and the smile becomes more 'real'.

keep the positivity going!


Thanks Katz, I have so much to be grateful for, I feel like it's a sin for me to be so negative, even if it isn't by choice. My mum has suffered from depression and anxiety all her life, and I used to say to her she should be thankfully because there is always someone else worse off. I now realise that is easier said than done, but I am counting my blessing today.

I hope you are well :) x


Well done Tarah. You seem to be doing everything right. Give yourself a pat on the back. I'm sure things will gradually get easier for you, but it does take time. Try not to beat yourself up over any little set-backs. That is too easy to do and just negative energy.


hi Tara, I agree with you, we have to count our blessings otherwise where would we be, and yes, sometimes easier said than done. My mother had mental health problems and awful health anxiety which really ruined her life. I've never had health anxiety, probably because of her experience but do have other anxieties, but am determined not to let it affect my life as it did hers. I often hate myself for being negative but think if we've experienced it in the family it's hard not to be like that. Hope the first day back went well!


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