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So up and down but have been clear of panic for a couple of weeks still wake Jo with a feeling of doom why is that I still feel dizzy I think is most of the time does any one else get this dizziness I an doing relaxation and deep breathing every day people say I'm a lot better but somehow I feel the same it's starting to get me down a little just want to feel normal again:-(

And to top it off had a crash the other day it was my fault no one was hurt but can't help feel that my anxiety was part to blame

Think I want my wife to read about how I feel any ideas about that please

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I am thinking of doing a Yoga class once a week in addition to breathing exercises and other things. Feeling better does take time. However you have hinted about your wife - maybe you should consider telling her how you feel. Its nothing to be ashamed of. I'm sure she will understand. It sounds like you need personal support and contact with others to maintain an improvement. You're lucky in that you have a partner who could potentially support you. Good luck.


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