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Haven't been on for a while

Hi all,

It's been a while since I've been on (mainly due to a broken arm which has made it difficult to type)

A quick update, I'm doing very well in my recovery! Off meds completely, one more session with the mhn, only thing I'm really struggling with is the skipped heart beats! I'm finding it very hard to accept they are just anxiety related! I have them even when I'm not feeling anxious. Don't know why ??anyone that can tell me why is be very greatful! Getting a few panic attacks now and again but learning to deal with them, and except them and the symptoms! Very annoying but feel like I'm getting somewhere at long last!!

It's been a bad few months but I can see light at the end of the tunnel, if only I could deal with the heart skips and get this bloody plaster off my arm!!

Hope your all good

Love to all

H2b xx

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here is something I posted last week from the Mail. hope it helps.

I know a lot of you suffer fro health anxiety and worry about ectopic heartbeats. Thought I'd share some of an article in yesterday's Mail by their resident GP.

'ectopic heartbeats happen to us all, it's just that most of the time were unaware of them. 'ectopic' in this context means out of synch, as the condition leads to extra or skipped beats. When they are noticed, we refer to them as palpitations - you can experience them as a fluttering feeling, or a sense that the heart has missed a beat, or a sudden forceful beat. ectopic heartbeats can occur in perfectly healthy hearts, often without any cause. but they can also be triggered by a number of factors, including caffeine, alcohol or some decongestant medicines. Ectopic heartbeats are not a worry if your heart is otherwise healthy.'


Ah noticed you had not been on for a while sorry to hear about the arm love you are in the wars and i have just messaged whywhy i am having exactly the same i can cope with the dizzy spells but it doesnt feel normal when your heart flutters away mine got worse this last few days again as i had a really good week then it appears again and the more we focus the more it feels strange but i also read kaz post and i did feel better after reading it even though they are still here so know how you feeling love and thanks kaz for the post :) xxxxxxxx


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