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coping with anxiety without antidepressants

hi i have been getting chest pains for several months i have had a treadmill test for my heart and a endoscopy test. my doctor has said that it is anxiety i am suffering from and wanted to put me on fluximide i think that is what it is called. i get really bd headaches tingley feelings in my hand and legs feel sicky dry mouth and dizzy and chest pains

my results came back and they cant see anything on my test to say it is heart or gut related so i really want to no is it possible to overcome anxiety without medication the doctor has referred me for councilling some days i feel ok but like the other day i went to a childs party and just talkingto the other mums i started to feel uptight and uncomfortable i just dont want to go on anti depressants if i can help it any advice would be great

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Hi there

Yes you can learn to lessen your anxiety...CBT is great for learning a new way to respond to your fears

That is probably the counselling you will get from from your doctors surgery.

You can look it up on the web..Cognitive Behavioural Therapy...there are some exercises you can download...see if it helps until you can see your counsellor

Good luck, you can do it, you really can...keep us up to date

Warmest good wishes



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