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I am have getting depression again?

I am feeling okish but I had lot stress over 5 years with serevere bout depression in 2008, after two years seem being get here. Last 12 months have being up and down with breif split with partner for 3-4 months, 3 daughters aged 15-12-8 and fincial problem like on people.

I am snaping with people, mood, angry, annoy and speech like weird.

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Have you been & spoken to your GP , sounds like you are suffering , they will be able to tell you exactly what is wrong anxiety , depression

CAB are very good or Debt helpline which you can get no in directory or on line , yes i no money is a worry for lots of us & debt can add to anxiety , but these are there to help & would take so much pressure of your shoulders

Let us no how you go on & keep posting





Thank you, to be honest not sure if debt situation or more which not ready to said.


Hi just saying hello x as whywhy says I think a chat with your gp would definitely be worthwhile. I pushed myself too hard and ignored all the stresses in my life and they tend to gather together to make a huge snowball which may knock you off your feet at some point. There are people who can help you don't struggle on let us know how you get on love eve x


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