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How long should I try this for?

Hi everyone. How long would you keep on with counselling? I started last January,swapped to a new counsellor in October(I was training to be a counsellor but couldn't cope). I've carried on seeing this counsellor but I can't really see that I'm getting any better and I've worked out is cost me over a thousand pounds and I really need to watch my money! Yes it does help to talk about stuff I guess but it's the money really.ive tried free counselling through my surgery but they were rubbish. I've tried cbt and it did help but I am constantly challenging everything I think now and it's exhausting. I have pretty severe fibromyalgia that has stopped me working and I'm constantly worrying about money and keep a roof over me and the kids heads. Sometimes it feels it will never end. My doctor has mentioned me seeing a psychiatrist I'm wondering whether I should as counselling doesn't seem to be helping.

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Wow thats alot of money but it would have been well worth it had it worked , but seems from what you are saying you have gone as far as you can with this counselling for now

I think if it were me & done what you have I would take GP offer & go & see a psychiatrist , what have you to loose ...could be the missing piece but if you dont try you will never no , you can always stop it at any time if you dont think its for you ...if you do give it ago , let us no if it helps

I no how you feel as well with the fibo my love , I suffer , was a very bad experience outdoors with fibo that caused anxiety to slowly stop me going out , its another challange for us everyday to live with , I no how it feels

Look forward to seeing how things work





Hi there, you sound a bit like me. I tried various counsellors, the one that really helped was alcohol counselling but ages after I finished it when my medication was right because they encouraged me to go back to the psychiatrist I had stopped seeing. The information sunk in.

I also spent thousands of pounds on the Alexander Technique which made me feel good for about 15 mins after the session (stopped that)

I am back at NHS CBT which I had in 2005 and I am overloaded with remembering all the questions.

Just been told I am likely to have Fibromyalgia and put on Gabapentin.

Back to the psychiatrist question, I asked to be referred back in 2000 after reading lots of depression literature. They diagnosed bipolar and more recently GAD. A good psychiatrist will know all the latest mental health stuff that a GP is unlikely to be fully clued up on. They are there to prescribe and of course you don't have to take if you don't want. My psychiatrist also told me about the local pain clinic, so they should treat you holistically.

I recently got a few free sessions of telephone counselling through work but I got overloaded tasks being set and ended it - reduce caffeine, breathing exercises, worry time; seemingly easy things but when added together on a weekly basis, I was just getting more worried about doing them, plus they are all covered in the now fortnightly CBT where one week she agreed she gave me too much to read and do!

Anyway - in my opinion there is no harm in seeing a psychiatrist! xx


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