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Will this health anxiety never go?


I am feeling so anxious, I have an awful pain in my upper back and of course i think it is something terrible. I was diagnosed last week with a gallstone and am thinking this might be that but have Fibromyalgia also which gives me terrible pains. I hate living my life like this not being able to take any new tablets in case they have side effects. Why am I like this at my age (elderly!) I used to be such a capable person now I am a nervouse wreck. I snap at my husband for no reason at all and I know it is because I am so anxious about my health.

Sorry to go on but really need someone who understands

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I sympathise with the constant worry that anything could cause all the side effects and worse!

Also, i too feel a small pain or an ache and leap to the worst conclusion, snapping at my boyfriend for telling me to "calm down".

There is little comfort for us apart from the little steps it takes to heal ourselves...I try to simply focus on something else, something that demands your full attention. A new book, or an old one that you love, fixing something, making something, but dont just go and lay down or sit down and think about it. It only causes more I'm sure you've felt..

All I want to do is go and lay down and all that does is make me worry harder, and it gives me a headache and more anxiety!

We may be of different ages or different background, but at the core we can share the same fears.

I hope you feel better soon.


many thanks for replying. I am really tired today after all the anxiety of the last few days but seem to get over one anxiety for another one to kick in. I know I am not alone in feeling like this but it is so difficult to cope with on a daily basis. Seeing the Doctor tomorrow, she is a new one for me so hope things go well and I can talk to her about all this. So pleased I found this site.


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