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Writing a list of positive thoughts

Not had a good week so am trying to write a list of all the positive thoughts I try and use. It's like a little security blanket, sometimes one just jumps out at you that relates to how I feel at that particular time. Feeling sad and down so am trying to do something positive as 2 weeks ago felt ok and was relaxed and happy, now feel like a different person.

Hello to everyone, especially if you are finding it tough.

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Hi love

Sorry you havnt had a good week , anxiety can be like this , but the good ones will come back , your attitude is spot on towards this as well

Its a brilliant idea to write down the positives , our anxiety can focus so much on negatives that to write down & actually be able to see what positive things have been happening & that we have can be a boost

Hope the list is long on the positive side you deserve it





Hi boater, I too am sorry to hear you are going through a rough are doing something positive though so good on ya. I have been thinking about writing a diary, something I have never done as I couldn't see the point but now I'm thinking it may work as a prevention in the future when I am better because I will get better, if I read it and can in some way stop these feelings returning. I hope you pick up soon, take care xxx


Hi Boater,

i have kept a diary for the past year and it is great to read back and see how far you have come ,

i also write a sepereate list of achievements i do that daily to and again good to look over looking out for ways that you coped and what perhaps set them off ,

Pat on the back for treconizing a bad patch and looking at the postives

Barbie x


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