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Stupid anxiety

This is my first Blog. I have been trying to write this for a few days, but my anxiety has been so bad that I couldn't concentrate on anything. I am an anxiety sufferer for 14 years and get the odd panic that I can control now. But for this past week I feel like I can't catch my breath, I'm just so frightened. I don't know if I'm just panicking or if its something serious. I'm afraid to be on my own or go out. I've not been this bad for a few years. What's wrong with me. Will it ever end.

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Hi Lee ah you sound like you having a rough time i have had so many good days lately but got up this morning feeling the anxiety coming back i am sure you have nothing serious i was like it a few weeks ago it was as if i could nt breath properly or as tho i couldnt get enough oxygen in and around my body it really did panic me but every one on here assured me it was my anxiety thats the thing with it you can feel fine for days weeks or months then for no reason it rears its ugly head again try to relax have a bath a cuppa tea and focus on something else read a while just to see if i does go if you are worried luv just give your gp a ring for reassurance people on here will start bogging you but like i say if you worried just see your gp but i do get this and it is scary let me know how you go xxxxx


hi lee34, ive had the same symptoms this week like some one is sitting on my chest and i just cant get enough air in. it has been more than usual cos ive been more anxious lately with going in hospital and boyfriend not being there for me. has something extra happened to made things even harder? x


Thank you for replying. I can't think of much that's caused it apart from moving house next month with my family. My anxiety causes tight chest but no racing pulse it weird. It's nice to know I'm not alone though reassuring that others have this tight chest. Thanks so much again. Xxxxx


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