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Still here

Hello all I've been quiet for a bit but I've still been looking in , I've hit a low patch but I thought I'd just pop on for a bit to reassure some of you who worry when folks disappear off here for a while I'm an old hand with anxiety and depression 40+yrs I have good times and I have bad and sometimes I don't want to pass my lows on I know sharing is helpful to us all sometimes and we can reassure each other with advice but sometimes my lows are such that I can't share so I go off on my own for a bit I come round eventually and this may be a reason people disappear for a bit this is a personal opinion of mine they may have gone on holiday whatever they are grateful that you notice they've gone quiet for a while and ask where they are or they may be having a good period. Whatever they wouldn't want for you to worry we have enough of that good wishes to you all I send you all my very best. Mel

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Hi mel, I was away for a bit dealing with stuff I had not been through before and didn't want to burdon you good people with. But it's nice to know you are missed. I quit my job about 7 weeks ago and have only left the house three times since. I have had no contact with former work colleagues not even a text to say hi. I've had no reply. At least you people care. Xxx.


Thanks for your fast reply :)) I hope times come round for you again soon the lows when I want to be on my own are the worst and not for sharing good wishes coming your way from me Mel


Hi Mel

I understand what you are saying love , glad you feel like you can post again

Yes we do seem to worry when people dissapear & you are right in what you say , its always good to put a call out for them & then they can see they are missed & when they are ready they no we are here

Hope you are having a good day & feel better





I am whywhy I hope your ok too I always have a look in to see if folks are ok if I've something helpful to say I'll pop up but sometimes when I'm down especially this time of year ,too many personal sad memory's I've no desire to inflict my sadnesses on anyone when they may be feeling upbeat although I know we're all here to help each other. Thanks for your reply and as always I wish you all well and happy times. Mel


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