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I'm back

Thank you all for your kind words, thank you doesn't seem enough but it's all I have. I made it through the funeral and the booze up afterwards, me and my daughter were the last ones out of the pub at a respectable 3.40am. I had a couple of his mates try and have a subtle dig at me and I was so proud to hear myself say you only know one side of the story so until you know the other you can fuck right off. And they did lol don't cross an Irish redhead when drunk.

The chapel was so full people were standing at the back. Me and my daughter followed the coffin in. I was shaking sooo much I thought I was going to buckle to my knees. The service was lovely, I am so proud of my daughter who organised everything and has been so strong. I love her more than life and I need to start looking after myself now as I don't want to leave her alone.

My meds have been doubled and I now have sleeping pills which I only take if I need to. Still no counselling as they yet again have not got back to me. Anyway onwards and upwards.

Thank you all again for your support, thank you why why and my lips are sealed lol xxx big squeeze hugs to you all. Xxx

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BRILLIANT , BRILLIANT , BRILLIANT , thank goodness you are back , you have been so missed on here , made my day your post & didnt think anything could

Yes what a fantastic daughter you no why because you may not no it but she has a fantastic mum !!!!!

Well if all our love & thoughts managed to come to you , i have to say there was plenty been sent

Thats it Cookie tell them hun , dont mess with the best lol

I have a counsellor coming in a min , to the house , if i am not on later they have locked me up lol

Your cat is in Roses garden , have you not noticed one missing hun , we have looked after her /him

Yes you will get stronger & stronger now & well done my love


Joan whoops lol




Ah well done to both of you and yes like whywhy says you obviously are an outstanding mum to have such a wonderful daughter and you should be so pleased of her for having the courage to go through such a painful day its not easy for no child to lose their father been there done it but you both need to be there for one another now and try to keep strong your daughter may have done well for now but there may be times she needs a shoulder to cry on and you are her nearest and closest she has you will both get through this because you are strong and well done for braving it you have done yourself proud and it must have been so hard for you well done all my love xxxxxxxxxxx


Hi I'm new to the group but reading your post has brought tears to my eyes . I'm sorry for your loss . This site has supported me as we all support each other . I want to just send a little hug and to say I'm bringing my cat to the woods next week so he can be a friend to yours , a big hi from a red head scot


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