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I am having a bit of a hard time with my anxiety at the moment, I moved home form University in September and my life has changed so much over the last year. I am taking a year out to work on becoming a teacher, I have broke up with my boyfriend of 2 years a couple of weeks ago, which has left me feeling a bit insecure and strange as I was used to depending on his for my anxiety. I have had lots of different interviews and work 3 different jobs! One of the jobs I work is with my ex and although I am leaving it in a couple of months I am rally getting ready to leave the job and leave it all behind!

I feel like I should be really enjoying myself at the moment, I work part time, I have just moved rooms in my house to a bigger room, I am newly single and have a date organised on Thursday night (aghh) and I have just been offered a job as a Trainee English teacher starting in the next school year! So really, I should be enjoying my time!! I am only 22!

But instead, I feel scared all the time, I am really struggling to sleep, I feel faint a lot and not like myself. I have a terrible cold and find it hard to motivate myself! I get in bed at night and thoughts are just racing around my head! I just want to be enjoying my time!

I know this time will pass eventually, but it makes me sad I can't enjoy it all as it is happening!

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Hi Mary.

Wow you sound busy! It also sounds like you are going through a lot of changes as you say. Relationship changes, work, moving (even if it is only to a different room) Your situation sounds very similar to the situation I found myself in. I was very busy, had my had in a lot of different places which has never been unusual, but I realised when we were going away for a weekend that I felt very down and scared, I panicked about flying, leaving our home, our dog, I was even scared to see our friends and I couldn't tell you why. I agreed with my doctor that my feelings of fear and all of the racing thoughts and panic attacks I had experienced was my bodies way of telling me to slow down. My body went into overdrive.

You sound a bit run down with having the cold and lack of motivation. Perhaps with all of the things going on you have gotten carried away in all the bedlam without realising and not really given yourself time to relax?

I slowly got myself feeling better by creating some hobbies, just simple things I enjoyed, and I still do these now when I feel this way. A long bath, a good book and a glass of wine always calms me down.

I hope you feel better xxx


Also, good luck on the date :) x


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