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Thanks for the party Minnie xx

Just wanted to say thanks for arranging the party it was lovely. I loved my fluffy socks so much I brought them home (hope you don't mind) and am wearing them in bed this morning. Think I drunk too much and ate too many delicious scones yum so I'm staying here all cosy then I'm off out for a jog later. Hope all goes well at the hospital this morning. Big hugs for all the lovely people on here love eve x

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Thats lovely Eve

Sure when Minnie see's this she will be thrilled

Enjoy your jog ;)

Hugs back



Hi Eve

Ah your more than welcome and it was so nice to see this post after feeling so down this morning after the hospital... Yes you can take fluffy socks with you anywhere as it will keep your feets cosy and warm!!! Enjoy jogging and it will do you good :-) hugs xxxx


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