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On edge

Hello, I haven't blogged for a while. I seem to be having some weird dreams lately where I feel I can't wake in my dream and then sometimes I wake, but it's a dream. when i do actually wake, I'm all on edge and out of sorts worrying that I could still be dreaming argh! This anxiety does not seem to get any easier. I can often feel like I'm in a bubble, a sort of surreal feeling, it only happens when I'm thinking too much. Dies anyone else feel like this?

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Hey I have to say you are not alone on that, our mind can go into over drive when we are sleeping and has some funny ways of letting all the stress out.

Try not to look in to your dreams to much as dreams will be out of your control.

When you wake up just remember it was a dream as adding more to your mind will just add to your dreams.

All the best.



Hi I get this to , its a little frightening , i can be having dreams & trying to force my self to wake up & I cant & then I feel I am having a panic attack in my sleep , when this has happened its awful & you wake so full of fear

Our minds are working all the time , I think they store things & when we sleep they can turn into dreams , all muddled up , when we are anxious we dont always realise what we have in our minds & it comes out when we are sleeping

Even when I am asleep , i feel my mind is still awake & just waiting for me to wake up , dont no if you ever feel like that

You are not in your own , they should calm down again , try not to fear them the best you can





Thank you for your comments. It's also a relief to think that you are not the only one! X


Ah a lot of us on here get this hun i was so worried when i started with my panic attacks and didnt even know what they was i would get them terrible at night and felt so weird all the time and as if i wasnt myself until i came on here and all the lovelies helped me and explained some symptoms to me i am on meds and seem to be having more good than bad days now hope you feel better:) xxxx


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