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hey guys i wanna help

Hey guys my name is Dhawal from india age 24 since my bday just passed suffering from social anxiety and bit of ocd. I used therapy from anxiety uk as india is pretty bad and i am pretty good now. Also read a lot fo books like the shyness and social anxiety book, the feeling good handbook by david burns , the anixety and phobia workbook.,and the brain lock by jeffrey archer. Honestly my BIGGEST breakthrough was the art of living course. It was good but the best part is the sudarshan kriya which is a meditation which calms the mind and makes u feel great. plz do google art of living sudarshan kriya. Right now i am on fluvoxamine 300 mg and lonazep 0.25 but now anxiety is pretty less and i really want to reduce the dose......I am honestly pained by ppl suffering from anxiety plz write to me here and i will try to give you some tips. I would love to help u coz trust me anxiety is my biggest enemy.

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