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evening all .

I dont know what to say but i wanted to be here this evening ..

I know its not late yet but i am sure that i wont be sleeping much tonight ,

my bf is away a few days and i am not doing to well ,

i have been manic allday and evening and not even a bath helped this evening ,

i have baked a cake ut no one to share it with so if you want a slice i will put the kettle on to,

mothers dy tomorrow and i must say i was really chuffed to receieve a present from my son he rarely sends anything mind you he is 22 now young lads are they al the same ?

oh dear sorry guys i can see that i am waffing when that happens i just keeping talking yet saying nthing at all ,

should i go and say good night to you all ?probery but i dont want to be alone .

i have my teddy Charlie well actually he is Bf he Charlie belonged to a very very dear friend of Bf she was an unhappy soul and took her own life 12 yrs ago, he has never got over it and because of her i know that it is something i will never be able to do , i couldnt do it to him again ..

omg sorry guys i am going on so going go .

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hiya barbie, just seen your blog, sorry you're not so good.

your son sounds lovely sending you a mother's day gift :)

have you opened it yet? or "with a cup o' tea an' a piece of cake" ,as they say ,


you need never apologise for writing your thoughts & feelings on here, it's for sharing.

take care,



Write as much as you like on the site it is what it is for,and it can help,won't make you feel so lonely,we all like having a chat


Hello,hope you are ok today,I am feeling positive and want to pass it on to you,dont be beaten by your own thoughts,dont let them win,take care.


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