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I'm not a particularly anxious person but my GP thinks my breathlessness is a result of anxiety. Does anyone else have these symptoms? Help!

In the last few days I've had the feeling that I can expand my lungs to their full capacity and every minute or so I have to take a really deep breath. I feel these symptoms pretty much 24/7 but I notice them less when I'm active/doing something fun or engaging. I also notice them less when I'm lying down. I've also experienced a feeling if heaviness on my chest and not chest pains, but an unusual sensation in my chest but these come and go and are pretty mild.

I went to the doctor and she told me that they were symptoms of stress (I've just got my A-level exam results back so it has been a stressful time) and that I've been experiencing panic attacks. But do panic attacks go on this long??! The doctor also did physical tests and I don't have asthma and no obvious heart or lung conditions. She seemed to think it was all down to stress, but I really wouldn't describe myself as an anxious or easily stressed out person. One of the main reasons I feel stressed at the moment is because I have these symptoms - it's a vicious circle!

If anyone else has had these symptoms I'd be grateful to hear about it. I'm scared there's something really physically wrong with me.

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Hi,I can totally relate to your feelings of breathlessness.I feel like you a lot of the time and yet I can go to the gym to lift weights and I cycle 30 miles every day with no problems.When I exercise,my mind is active and does not think about being unable to breath.Trust me on this one,it is in your mind and like me you should tell yourself it is not real.When I sit down to relax,I feel short of breath,how can this be if I am able to lift weights and cycle?Tell yourself it is in your head,it is difficult but it is also true.


Hi, I suffer from anxiety ptsd and panic attacks, i get short of breath and it feels like i can't get my breath and feels like my lungs cant expand and it is worse when i am in bed had this for a year now feel stupid because i have to raise my arm above my head for some reason doing this i can get my breath. I went to my doctor last year because of pain in my lower left lung and she sent me for x ray the next day i had a call to make urgent appointment, and that really made my anxiety and panic worse so i went to see my doctor she told me i had a spot on my lung the thought that's it i have C . Any way i had a ct scan which showed a nodule on the left lung and just before christmas i had a follow up ct scan and was told the first nodule has not increased in size but i have another on my right lung so i have to wait till august this year for another ct scan to see if there has been any change as they dont know what they are. The thing is the doctor said that would not affect my breathing but knowing what i know has made my anxiety and panic worse than ever. I would not have known i had the nodules if i had not told the doctor about the constant pain in my lower lung i still don't know why i have the pain, i try not to think about it but i feel it when i breath. I hope i have not scarred you cat321 just explaining my situation like you my doctor said it's because of my anxiety and panic the reason for the breathing thing. this is my first time on here as no one to talk to about these things really, people i do try and explain to they think i am crazy no point talking to some one that don't understand is there. I would like to know if any body else has this problem.


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