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Hi all

Had a better day today, relaxed most the day. Had some me time, and ive even booked myself in for a colour, cut and blow dry for tomorrow. its been a while, i sort of let go of myself in the way where i havent been bothered to do my hair once i get up in the morning. Plus got brown hair from my roots to half way down my hair and the rest blonde. So its a mess. So im luking forward to having it all done and styled. Hope u all have a good wkend and c u all in roses garden on sunday xxx

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Thank goodness you did relax today, was getting worried about you if you were going to keep up the pace you were going at ;)

I am also pleased to see you treating yourself to the hairdressers , you will feel so much better for pampering yourself & you deserve it





Enjoy hair pampering! You well deserved it! :-) xx


Hi love glad you feeling a little better i not so good today i feel like i am floating and having terrible scary thoughts in my head and chest is tight again dont feel myself at all and where is rose not heard from her for a while xxxx


Aww Donaf, hun, glad you're giving yourself a break and having some "me" time - well done! Sorry I haven't been around, not been brill and had hospital appts - physio, so ached like fury afterwards :( and one night had the IBS attack from hell :( Feeling a bit better today, so fingers crossed, and i treated myself to a thriller by one of my fave authors - felt I deserved it, even if i couldn't afford it lol!

Yeah, would be nice if we could meet up in the Garden tomorrow, hope I'm up to it - well, I can always lie in Minnie's Wood and guzzle the Irish lol!

Lots of love my sweets




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