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Can someone please describe a panic attack?

Very frequently I get minor spinning sensations in my head which last few seconds but the fear that comes with it is intense, my symptoms are palpitations, hot/cold flashes very little discomfort in my chest and dizziness which last few seconds but keep reoccurring at that point I feel as if I'm heading for doom. I can't tell if its just high level of anxiety or a panic attack. Can this be panic attacks. Thanks

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Hi ahmedkobz,

sorry to hear that you've been feeling this way. I think this is a form of panic attack, often we only hear that panic attacks mean hyperventilating and passing out but from my experience and what i have read there are other symptoms such as yours. I have had similar symptoms myself with the sudden spinning sensations and palpitations and have found that practising deep breathing and meditation has made these attacks less frequent and less frightening when they do occur. Have you tried anything to help you relax at all?


Hi kmlfg24, thanks for your reply really means a lot. Yes I have tried the deep belly breathing exercise but this seems to make things worse. Other than that I can't seem to do or want to do anything at that point. Really is a scary situation and all I want to do is just run.


Hi Ahmed,

When I had my worst attacks the symptoms I had were pain in the left of my chest, difficulty breathing, dizziness, hot flush from head to toe that made me want to pass out and stomach cramps. They all came on one after the other in different levels. From what you say it does sound like a panic attack. The palpitations, the diziness and hot/cold flashes.

They're so horrible



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