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How long will it take to get better

My main question here is had burn out at Xmas starting to feel a little better few steps forward a few back do people ever get better once they have suffered with anxiety and panic attacks or is that not the case my nurse seems to think I will are there any people on here who have recovered I've woken in the night ( with panic) a Few times in the last week but seem to be coping better still fell dizzy Floor moving and still stressed and feel dizzy in shops but still trying and not avoiding when I can I've spoken to various pepole on the phone and they all seem to have long term probs just want feedback on this and any thoughts on congnertive therapy is this going to last years or is it a grey area thanks

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well i would like to think im almost recoverd from anxiety and depression it has taken some work to gwt here and i still have some isuues from time to time. i guess its about finding the root course of your anxiety. i have been reading a lot of books on the matter lately and i find it helps me out loads and taking a self help acton to helps loads.


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