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Anxiety or a real health problem ????

Im new to panic and anxiety attacks but have watched my sister suffer with them for years so I have always been quiet good at keeping them under control . She has always been convinced she had a heart condition and after several ECG'S she has been told for years it was just her anxiety . Today she had a episode and was taken to A&E where they discovered that after all these years she actually has got a problem with her heart. Now that is making me worry that my ANXIETY symptoms may not be so innocent . But the last thing I want is to be up at a&e every other day worrying ! How do I make this go away

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I have just read your blog , first thing that came to mind is everyone with health anxiety , which there are a few of us at the moment , some focused on their heart , lets all try & keep this in reality I can say this as I suffer with health anxiety but at the moment its mainly focused on BT

When we go for ECG'S like your sister at the time (and of course I dont no the full story ) I would imagine her heart was fine , just like all the others that have ECG'S & they to show they are fine ... & therefore anxiety can make us feel these symptoms & often do

As years go on , no one knows , but later in life years down the line we may develope a heart problem & this may have been the case with your sister , that she was OK years ago , the ECG'S were accurate , but later on she has developed a problem with her heart

At the moment , when we get checked out & we are given the all clear , it will be correct , but what doctors cant tell us is if we will develope anything in the future

I am sure your anxiety symptoms will be innocent , even though I can feel & see now how this will have brought on the fear

If it will give you peace of mind , have a word with GP , & put your trust in them

I am always popping of to the GP , my friend will ask how I went on , i will say they said i am OK , then the next week I will be going again for the same thing , she will ask why , i will say because i dont believe them , she will say , well why keep going then , if you wont believe them when they say you are ok ...I sit & think , & have to admit she has a valid point ...

If you see what I am trying to say

I am sorry to hear about your sister , & she will get treatment (which is good they have caught it )

Keep coming & posting how you feel , see your GP if you want to put your mind at ease & this is really unusal that your sis has always had a fear with her heart & now has problems , doesnt happen very often , so try to tell yourself that

Let us no how you go on , hope I dont sound harsh , as I dont mean to , i am just trying to reasure you & others this is unusual , as i do no how hard it is to live with health anxiety

Thinking about you





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