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Lot going on

Hi all, not been on for a few days... I've broke my arm! So can't use keyboard very well and in abit of pain. On plus side been off propranolol just over a week now and doing really well :)

Feeling good, still having skipped heart beats but learning to put up with them!

Hope your all well?! That's it from me, it's too hard to type left handed

Love h2b :) xxx

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Hi. Im new here, just found this site tonight while under complete panic over my son being ill. I too am on Propanolol. Ive was on them from late 2011 and then last summer came off them and now only take them if i feel very nervous and anxious. I think they saved my life. Well done for coming off them. I just want to say that if you find your self needing one now and again dont punish yourself. You are doing amazing and sometimes we all need just something to help us through the day :o) xxx


Hi H2b32,

This made me laugh! 'I've broken my arm but I'm off the tablets :)' Lol. Talk about positivity! :)

Hope it isn't too painful. x


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