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Feeling a bit better

I started propanolol last thurs and although i still have my chest symptoms theyre not as severe. Managed to go since last thurs without speaking to a dr... Thats a long time for me at the moment. I am goimg to the dr tomo but thats because i need a prescription. But also i have pain in my back on my last rib. Had it since october but pushed it to back of mind. Doesnt hurt to move or at any time unless i push there so like a hug gives me a little jolt of pain. So ill mention it tomo. Prob muscular or something. I walk with a bit of a bad posture due to hip injury so may be related :) xxx

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Well done Maria , that is progress , & feel good that you have gone since thurs , its a big achievement when you suffer with anxiety

Shows others that slowly things do improve & so pleased to see your positive blog hun





Well done xxx


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