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Up most the nite!

I spent most the nite waking up. Wen i did finally get up i was to tired to get up to walk the kids to school, plus it was 10 oclock. I gave the boys a day off school to luk on my pin board not long back and realised today the woman was going up the school to access my youngest again. I had palpatations in the night and the other pains i get with anxiety. I wasnt going to let it bring me down today so ive just got on with it. So ive gave all downstairs a spring clean but its kept me busy and stopped me from thinking about anxiety. Well its time to go to me mates now and sort her kids toy room out. I have been promiseing her for wks but when i get back im going to have a hot bath, with a cuppa, my soaps and facebook games as im kinda hooked on a few of them at the moment xxx

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Sorry you had a bad night hun , but you are doing so well , you are keeping as busy & positive as you can & good on you as its not easy when you feel like you do

Are you still taking your meds , you missed a few i think I read , (sorry if I got that wrong )

Just a thought though , if you hit & miss alot with meds like you were taking , that can give you panic attack feelings

Like my soaps as well ;) & if the facebook games keep your mind of your anxiety , well play them all you want , you have had a busy day , by the sounds of it , you deserve some time doing what you like





ah luv it must be in the air i also had a really strange night like i had insomnia or something and had such weird thoughts and feelings last night maybe it was cos i have had my monitor fitted today so must have been playing on my mind hun you treat yourself to a nice hot bubbly bath love and try and relax with your cuppa and tv take care hun thinking about you and whywhy you beat me again damn :) xxxxxxxxx


Lol i have had a busy day, whywhy i have been missing alot of pills again so feeling down to tonite. Im kinda mad at myself for missing so many. Im glad uve said that about wat it can make u feel like wen missing so many. Hope we have a better nite tonite sheffield. Let me know how u get on with ur monitor xxx


Aww my loves, hope you both have better nights tonight!!!! Sneak into the Cabin or the Garden if it helps, smell the flowers, hear all the little animals settling down all cosy n warm in the undergrowth and just let yourselves drift off. Or watch the firelight playing on the cabin walls, making pretty patterns, and know nothing bad can come into the Garden.

Sorry I've not been around, been busy or asleep ;) but sending lots of warm positive thoughts, sleep well, my sweets! :)

Lots of love




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