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im writing blogs now?

never thought id see the day.. but ive just asked my very first question in here im looking at new ways to understand depression anxietys medication and therapys it seems overwhelming to me ..i have post natal anxiety intrusive thoughts really i had a baby girl on 27th january 2013 pretty traumatic birth but recovery was fab then i gave up breastfeeding after 4days tortured myself over it over guilt then it went from that to bein extremely moody then suddenly by the start of last week i had a fear of death how strange? i dunno what the hell triggered it my doc thinks its because i have the added responsibilty as i have 3 childrenunder 5 im only 25 and my husband is in the army hes away a LoT hes been on two 7month tours to afghanistan four months down brechin wales 2months olympics god dont get me started hes been away pretty much all the time think hes only home to concieve more kids then go away again, oh did i say weve been married 4years so have fitted quite a bit in a short amount of time anyway this is why im on the site and thats a little bout me i really dont know what to write in a blog but if anyone suffers the same intrusive thoughts please speak to me i didnt know fears like that were linked to pna i thought i was going mad and i was so scared so if i can help others just by being a shoulder then i am here x

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Hi Love

You have your hands full bless you with the children & hubby in the army , i hope you have some support

When I had my first child (32 years ago now ) I was so happy , somewhere though I thought i didnt deserve to be so happy & it would be taken away from me , i knew my daughter was healthy , i loved her so much , was all I ever wanted , so slowly I started to believe something would happen to me , this is when health anxiety started ......every little pain , lump , you name it , was always a life threatening illness to me , others would have a cold , I would get the same cold , but mine would be serious

Before I knew where I was , I was trapped in this way of thinking , 32 she is now , with another 26 & one at 18 , but spent & still do even though slightly better , years , in a state of anxiety , mine mainly when it comes to health

Back then people didnt talk as they do now & there wasnt the help there is now (wish ther had been )

These thoughts you are having , you are not alone , take the help offered , talk on here & you will get through this

Keep posting & welcome :-)





Hi Sarah,

Just a quick reply as I need to try and sleep but I didn't want you think you were alone with this. No kids so I haven't experienced post natal anxiety but I have a lot of experience of intrusive thoughts. They are a symptom of anxiety and they are really frightening. I went for years not telling anyone because I thought I was going mad. You're not going mad, love. Anxiety is exhausting and these strange thoughts are a product of your tired mind, nothing else.

Keep posting. I never thought I'd be blogging like this either but trust me you've found the right place. It really helps and everyone is so supportive.

Best Wishes



Hi Sarah,

Wow you really do have your hands full, hats of to you! I don't have any children, I would like to and am at the point were my partner and i are talking about trying, but i have always been alittle nervous as my sister suffered post natal i think, she had alot of the scary thoughts and during the first few months she knew she never would, but had thoughts that she wanted her baby taken from her, which scares me as that on top of my anxiety i worry i wouldn't cope. But on a happy'r note Congratulations on the birth of your baby girl!


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