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What ways do u think are the best to relax??!

Hi all,

I find that feeling anxious and stressed creeps up on me without me even realising. It just seems to come from nowhere sometimes!! I'd love to get into a routine where I can do activities/relaxation techniques on a regular basis but have no idea where to start.

When I first started with depression and anxiety I found that keeping a diary helped so much. I could track my feelings and thoughts and work out triggers... Does anyone else do this?

I have quite a busy lifestyle and often don't take enough time for myself to just relax and de stress and end up waiting until I'm at my wits end before splurging a few pages in my diary to vent my anxiety and frustrations.... It'd be lovely to get a handle on this before it gets to that stage though, so if anyone has any ideas or suggestions and if u use any techniques on a regular basis I'd love to know.


Love rose xxx

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Hi Rose me again :)

Think as you have a busy life , you have answered this yourself in a way ...you need to find more time for you

We all find different things relaxing , reading , music , hot bubble baths & so on , but we have to be kind to ourselves & make sure we have some "me " time , try & give yourself some , as much as you can ..you deserve it





Yea they're all good ideas and ur right it's about planning in the time to just say 'tonight is just about me relaxing'. It's hard when u spend so much emotionally energy on anxious thoughts isn't it. And I think finding a routine that works with a busy lifestyle too can be difficult. Uve made me feel so welcome on here, I can't thank you enough! Xxx


Hi Jamie,

It's funny you should say this about stress... My anxiety is loads worse the more stressed I am and think in starting to recognise it now. And thanks so much for sending this link, ill save it to my faves and check it iut!! But a lot of it for me is also self esteem. Just being able to think about myself in a positive light, and to give the people who don't respect me enough a wide birth, if you know what I mean. I used to think that just having company from people was enough, but I'm learning that my self esteem is better if I stay on my own rather than be with people who are 'toxic'. Until I feel more confident in myself that is to find positive rships.

Ill let u know when I've been on ur site properly, had a quick look and think it'll be very useful!!

Rose xxx


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