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Week long ECG monitor

I handed back my week long ECG yesterday after an awful week with my chest symptoms. I spoke to the people that check it and they said there is nothing life threateningly urgent on it when they took a quick glance at it. But they will examine it in detail this week. Sooo this is great news and I'm really happy about it. But I'm just feeling fed up. I have pain on n off in chest, tightening on n off, pinchy pains on n off over my whole body. I don't feel anxious nut I have this all the time and have done for 2 days. Telling myself my results are ok but these symptoms are so scary! Xxx

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Hi Maria,

I had a heart monitor for a month and recorded one of the most horrific attacks I'd had on it and when I sat down with the consultant he explained that my heart was fine. It was a relief to hear it but I couldn't understand why he was saying it was fine when I'd recorded a horrible attack, but he told me that if the heart slows down to its normal pace, it's perfectly healthy, and in the situation I'd been in he confirmed it was panic. I too had the feeling you describe above and I asked if having these symptoms and the dramatic increase in heart rate and the pains could damage my heart and body, and he said no. That the heart was such a strong muscle and was designed to take such shocks and knocks. It made me feel so much better and I have never really worried about it since although I still get the symptoms. I hope you feel better once you get your results. Keep positive :) xxx


Well done you , i think you have been fantastic keeping that on & getting through this , give yourself a pat on the back ;) you did so much better than you think , better than I could have done

Please try & take some reasurance now , they have a trained eye & even looking quick , if anything serious was wrong , honestly they wouldnt have let you walk back out , more than their job is worth

When you get twingers etc , keep telling yourself its anxiety , you now no nothing is wrong

So pleased you got through it & finally got rid of that flipping machine , treat yourself , hot bubble bath , nice movie , what ever it is you like , you deserve it hun





ah well done maria you done fantastic i have mine on next monday just for 24hrs tho which i thought wasnt long enough but will see i am getting same tight chest pains in my chest and my arm it is scary but we got to think we getting good help and surely if something was up luv they would find it you have reassurance now try and relax and read something to take your mind off it :) xxx


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