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Dear lovelies <3

Dear lovelies <3

Hello lovelies.....

Before i want to say something before write a long blog.... Thank you to my lovely whywhy and rosy rose for being there for me since i joined this site just after xmas 2012 and been reassured me when i'm worried about little things, couldn't do it without you both especially when my husband is on night shift while im on my own and my family live miles and miles away from me. You both are a such lovely, thoughtful, caring, friendly, kind and made me feel so welcome! Im sure others agreed with what i have just said :-)

So, i'm really sorry that the party "celebration of rosy rose's new cabin and my new job as a deptuy gardener" isnt on tonight as rosy rose is feeling bit low also i'm quite tired after a sleepless night last night due to my husband's sickness bug or food poisioning from indian take away meal last night with family but we all ate different meals so he havent stop vomiting from 3am til 4pm also diorreda..... AH he is a such big baby when he is poorly but so lucky to have me as a sexy wife and nurse minnie to look after him also a sexy cleaner as been cleaning the bathroom like a OCD with bleach stuff.... now i smells like a bottle of bleach, let hope i dont end up and look like micheal jackson ;-) ;-) not looking forward to sleep on my own tonight in the 2nd bedroom as i dont want to catch it from him!

Will set up a party sometimes this week and it will be a big, i mean a BIG proper party so please wear something nice and smart but as long your comfortable as there will be 3 courses of decent and divine meal, cooked by chef jamie oliver, will be sitting on the table outside at the garden with all pretty candles on the tables, lightings decoarting, lantern lit flying everywhere in the night sky and we can look at his cheeky bum, he wont take notice as he will be too busy serving us the foods also there will be varies choices of drinks-

Champagne buzz fizz with fresh strawberries as for a first arrival at the gate and will be serve by the waitress and there will be a professional photography to take a nice picture of us all so it will be go on rosy rose's wall with all different pretty photo frames. :-D

Whywhy (dont worry about your eyes cos they will use special paintbrush before print the photos)- you all people will look beautiful and handsome! :-)

During the 3 course of meals- there will be some cheeky wines (red, white and rose) also music on

After the meal, you can have whatever you like such as irish coffee, bailey with ice, wines, london gin with lemonade etc also there will be some hot drinks for you all incase you dont want to drink and have a hangover next day..... let hope we wont see rosy rose on the grass with her dress up on her face and knicker showing, the monkeys will never stop laughing :-O HEHE!!!!

Also there will be a celebration cakes so will have a slice once we all are back to the cabin after the evening cosy walk in the forest.

Then we can all go for a short cosy evening walk in the little secret forest- no body know- only just us because its a special forest where people can go and have a sit quietlywhen they want to be on their own for few mins or have a good cry there so there be pretty talls tree, blossom flowers,and all the woods scents such as barks & breech, birds singing, colourful butterlfies fly etc so we wont be able to see them at night time but we will see all the green glowing eyes so we will know its few animals there but not harzard ones so we can walk around for about 10-15 mins and watch the glowing orange lantern lit fly in the night sky with twinkle stars and the moon light.... and it will make us feeling more relaxing and smiling then walk back to the cabin, take killers shoes off and relax on big sofa next to the fire and we all can carry on drinking, girly & males chit chat and let the night flow til the bedtime ;-)

Dont miss the party for the world as there wont be a big party for a while cos its where we come in the garden for relaxtion, re-stress and unwind!


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Minnie where to start on such a wonderful blog

First I would like to say Thank you to you for your kind words , but I have to say I feel i am the lucky one to have found you on here , you feel like another addition to my family & would be proud if you was , you have a heart made of gold & maybe we do help you , but I hope you no what a help you are to , you make me laugh , the love you have for everyone , you give as much back as is given Minnie you really do

You made me laugh "sexy " nurse & cleaner ;-) hope hubby appreciates what he has lol

That pic , that is our garden how it looks or part of it yes ? looks fantastic , that is another good quality about you , you have a fantastic imagination , you make us believe we are there in this magical place & I cannot wait

Another quality you have how you think of everyones need (my eyes ) lol , you are a very special lady & when you need us we are always here

You are going to be so busy getting this party ready , didnt no you knew Jamie Oliver ;) we are lucky that our DG knows people in high places ;)

Hope hubby is better soon , you will just be in next room later & soon be back with him , dont use to much bleech your eyes will start running lol

Loves & hugs




Oh, my darling Minnie, do you know what a very very special person you are? If i have helped you at all, I'm delighted, but you give back so much, my love, Why is right, you have a heart of gold, you are so loving and kind and think of everyone! :) You are like a breath of fresh air in our Garden, my sweet Minnie, they should name a special flower after you!!!!!

I can't wait for our special party, will have to find my party dress - oh and some clean knickers just in case I end up passed out on the grass on Irish cream lol!!! ;) Wow, as Why said, didn't know you knew jamie oliver - the food will be divine, and the walk in the woods sounds perfect, my sweet! But you mustn't work too hard, my love, it's your party and we all want you to relax and enjoy it!!! :)

Your hubby is so lucky to have such a lovely "sexy nurse" looking after him, hope you haven't bleached him as well as the bathroom, ;) my love, and look after those pretty hands, lots of nice cream on them today after all that cleaning!!!!

Hope your dishy hubby gets better really soon, my sweet, and you can go back to cuddles in the same bed ;)

Really looking forward to the party, but only when you feel up to it, you need to get over this nasty bout, then we can all have a wonderful time in the Garden and my new Cabin - and I do have a special prezzie for our new DG ;)

Lots and lots and lots of love, my sweet Minnie, are you sure you're not really an angel? I think you might be! :)

Big hugs, sweetheart




You both are welcome and yes i know i have helped you both a lots but you both have reassured me when im worried about stuff :-)..... cant wait for the party and it is not just my party but your rosy rose as well cos you worked hard to bulid the cabin so we have to celebrate for your hard work also my new job also welcome those lovely anxiety friends :D :D

Will let you know when i will set up the party but at the moment im feeling bit sick in my stomach but maybe it is my thinking cos of my hubby's sickness.......:-( really missing him even he is only next door but we had been texting each other lol and he tell me i love you so i know he is appericated me for looking after him even his sick lol!!! Goob job i wont need to wipe his bum lol!!!! ;-)

Cant wait to see the present from you rosy rose!!! :-D

Ah only the way is essex is on tonight at 10pm and cannot miss it so looking forward to watch it.....

Not a really angel sometimes ;-) hehe

Lots of loves and Big hugs to you both my lovelies xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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