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What do I expect??

Hi all, I'm still stuck in my house, hardly any mobility, and am not seeing the light ... in fact it doesnt appear to be a light at the end of the tunnel but a humongous monster of a freight train hurling its way towards me. I'm running out of meds and cannot get to my doctors, i've tried phoning him to give me a call back and still nothing, I need help, desperately, everything is just piling up around my ears, I feel I can't breathe.

Where do u go to for help when u cannot leave your house? Who do I turn to when I have no one? Am I meant to sit and rott??

I really dont know what to expect or do any more, my cries for help fall on deaf ears, my family either dont care/ are too busy or think I deserve it, I've alienated my friends because I cannot cope being sociable, replying to messages or calls, I dont even post on facebook anymore, and my boyfriend left me because he couldn't cope with my mood swings and my constant irrational fear of even opening my curtains. Where do I go from here???????

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This doesnt sound right there should be more help for you than you are getting , with your condition

Look up the number for Primary Care Trust in your area , start there explaing , then they will either be able to help or give you other contact numbers

I needed to find out something & I started there & after a few different numbers , eventually I got the right place who could give me the answers , its a bit frustrating while you are doing it but you get the answers in the end & there has to be more support out there than what you are getting

You dont sit & rot love , thats not the answer , but a few phone calls are needed to be made

From what you say about your GP I would consider maybe if I needed to change & see a different one

Have you been offered meds to help , conselling ??? these things should be offered , if you have tried them & they havnt worked , maybe try again , as sometimes it can take several attempts

There is no quick fix with this , we need to put a little ground work in & slowly we will get results , everyone will support you on here with each step you take , which you may fear but there will always be people giving you words of encouragement to help

Try to keep in contact with friends as it does help , I no we dont always feel like it but it really does stop us going down futhur

Let us no how you get on





u sound just like me ,maybe a chat sometime if up 4 it ??? stay strong : ) i think people arnt very aware of these conditions because from the outside u seem fine ,the thing is they dont see what is going on inside ,yet we get 2 see it every day ! there should b more awareness about these issues xxx


I know how you feel,I can't take meds,and I get the usual sayings from my family,( you wont get better looking at the tablets) but they make me more anxious,so no I will not take many days I feel so alone,can't function,go shopping, I just feel like giving up.nobody understands the feelings we have inside ourselves,because to other people we look just fine, so please feel free to chat anytime,everyone on here understands how your feeling.xxxxx


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