So frustrating!

I fell asleep at 10pm on sofa but woke up at 3 and now I'm wide awake. Trying hard to sleep but keep getting ectopic heart beats and pinchy pains in chest. This week long tape I have on doesnt help - it's so uncomfortable and giving me a blister. Had shooting spasm sensation across back and chest too. Sooo not a good night :( hope everyone else is sleeping well and feeling good xxx

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  • Sorry you had a bad night , its awful & so frustrating when you have been asleep & then wake up & cant go back , hope you managed it in the end & are feeling a bit better now




  • Maria

    Sorry to hear you had a bad night nothing worse than being in a nice sleep waking and then unable to get back to sleep again.

    Thoughts are with you

    Take care

    Seyi xxx

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