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Bad night... Again

I had this week long monitor fitted yesterday, and was good all day, as I hadn't slept at all the night before I went straight to sleep last night. Today I've been good again, until 6pm when I had a big ectopic. But I forgot about it quite fast. Just then I had a shooting pain on left side of my chest, and now I'm on edge :( the pain lasted a second- I've been told loads that short pain is nothing to worry about but still hard to relax when u get it. Hope everyone else is ok xxx

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Hi Maria

Just seen your blog , you are doing really well , it would make me anxious as well having a monitor on , it would make alot feel stressed

You are right you have been good , i think what you are feeling will be a little anxiety due to knowing the monitor is there , but it will be of soon , you will get your results & with peace of mind from them think how you will be able to start moving on from this fear (that alot of us have )

Let us no how you go on





Just so fed up. I don't know why I can't accept it's anxiety! Just then I had deep chest pain, I pressed the button on my monitor and it made the beep noise it's meant to. And then it beeped again - I don't know why :( I'm going to ring hospital in morning because the only reason I'm on this week one is because I said I don't get ectopics everyday. I have had ectopics tho and the chest pain already so I'm going to see if I can go back and hand it in early because its done its job and I want this reassurance ASAP xxx


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