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new to anxiaty

Hi im new to anxiaty so dont know were to begin. im just turned 30 and i was a normal young lad growing up until i was 14 where i had a massive brain hemerage the doc said it was that bad i should have died before i hit the floor. i was ok once i got out of hospital i moved to the coast were some of my fam live as i hate city life but had to move back i started having slight panics like a head ache but it was threating more than anything but the past 5years i have lost 5 family members and i just started panicking at slightest thing like i have a head ache or feel heavy headed i think its a tuma or clot or i have bowl problems i think i have bowl cancer or internal bleeding but most my fam have IBS and then 6week ago i just felt like bit of cold and few hour later i thought i couldnt breath felt i was going to pass out my finger tips were cold and wet and my mouth was bone dry no salava i felt like you do when you have a blood rush but felt it constant i had it in my head it was serious like a mild stroke or worst so got took to hospital and they did some blood sugar tests and heart and told me it was a bad panic attack what had lasted 2days and i need to see my GP over it so i did that and she has booked me in for counciling but since it happend iv just not felt my usual self is that normal? part of me thinks its sumthing else not anxiaty :( i just want to stop thinking the worst and threating at slightest things and feeling on edge and get back to my old self

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Hi Love

You did go through it at 14 , that was a big trauma & sounds like you are suffering with health anxiety which alot of us do on here including myself

It could be what happened to you when you were younger , the fear stayed some where in your mind & then with loosing family members & having to move its triggered it of , but good news is you can get back to normal & GP arranging some councelling , they will be able to get to the bottom of this & help you move on

With health anxiety its exactly how you describe , we have a pain its serious , we have a stomach problem its cancer & so on , but its not , its the anxiety , then the fear , then the fear gives us more anxiety , till we do start to feel generally unwell !

You have been seen & they have given you the all clear , every time you get a feeling , try to remember that , if they thought any thing was wrong they would have had you in , more than their job is worth not to , but they see it often anxiety & thats what they say you have , try & believe them

This will get better , it may not seem like it when you are feeling as you do , but it will

Use this site , there are some lovely people who no just how you feel , no one judges you as we all no how it feels so you are amongst people that understand & give some good advice or a listening ear , it all helps ;)






hi nath its sounds like you have had a really really tough time and yes whywhy is so right in what she says panic attacks are a viscous circle every ache every pain we think its something serious i had a bad virus and also lost my dad to a heart attack so the 1st time i experienced a panic attack i thought i too was having one and they do really affect your mind and the way you think i still have it on my mind that something is wrong had bloods ecg been to a&e and having a monitor on for 24hrs i know its hard and not many people understand but if you keep talking to all these lovely people you will start to understand more about your symptoms and recognise them hope you feel better soon xxx


Thank you both so much its scary i feel for people who suffer with these as most dont understand who have never had it. i just think the worst sinario all time like i was going to go on big wheel when it was in sheffield centre but it kicked in and my mind started thinking worst possable sinarios eg it will break while im on it ect but it kicks in on anything


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