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unfair world

so its been a while since i last wrote or commented on here and in that few weeks ive been feeling good. im not cured a long way from it and im certainly no farther forward from my reclusive stage im still indoors, but thanks to people like you all on here im starting to see the world different. i know that im not alone and im not mad i just have a condition and a fear of things ive maybe pushed aside or a general fear of things going wrong whatever it is i have realised it cannot be allowed to control my life. because im a recluse i cannot get out to see my counsellor and unfortunatley im not aloud one to come to my home unless im suicidal ty gb and your health care system. It sucks if i was sucicidal i should hope im be in a nut house (pardon the expression) but because im willing to get better before the decent to rock bottom im left to fall alone. But as i say onward n upward. If i feel the panic im tryin the ignore it method so hopefully soon this will get me out the house as my confidence will rise. i used to cry and think how nice it would be if my life could be like the movies and now i realise i like my life it just needs adjusting like a film director would adjust the film set so heres to my adjusting:) x

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Very nice blog donver life is a movie :) and you are the main start of it! you can make the best like for your self just by the understanding that anxiety will not stop you from living life.

I does take time and yes you will keep getting knocked down, but get back up for take 2 because donver this is your life your movie and only you will ever know the ending.

Keep well, keep strong!




Hi donver

I m sorry to hear that but I can truly understand you.I was a recluse last year,was scared to go out,few foot away from home,and I was often panicking cause I was alone in my "prison",till I realize that we only got the key of our s a real shame u cannot leave the house for some therapy but I know that you could access to some phone therapy..I would suggest to have a look into could be you first step..




AnxietyUK do telephone counselling and cbt.


I didnt know people did phone councelling my doctor basically told me go to the sessions or do without x but i will defo look into it thank you both xx


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