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A set back is a step forward

Hello I've been having a crap time recently my AnE panic attack a week ago it was a setback but I've got back on track I know some of you get upset and frightened by this bloody illness but when we realise this for what it is a petulant thing needing constant attention and start ignoring its constant pulling back its the step forward I talk about we shouldn't be ashamed for our over sensitivity to events and feelings we may be the healthy ones and the norms the ones with problems I know many people who talk about things wrong with them and don't see it for the anxiety that it is its a disease of today pressure stress rushing here there and every where pleasing others trying to impress them . I've stopped doing this so much I can't help anyone if I can't help myself and look after myself first and we'r all trying to get rid of this unwanted visitor to do this to help others our families or friends so although I had a step back and we all will occasionally I'm determined to keep going forward it does get easier no looking back keep taking steps forward you'll get there to the easier calmer place a place you deserve to be best of luck come on let's step forward together we need each other to get there we can do it the very best to you all. Mel

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Hi Mel,

Years ago someone told me you can't have a set back unless you've moved forward in the first place. It didn't help me at the time but now I take a lot of comfort in that.

Little by little we are moving forward. Little by little we're gaining ground.

Love and Best Wishes,


its so nice to hear you are alot more strong minded than me but its good to know that there is a way to beat it i have only been struggling for a couple of months and spent 3 trips to A&E and still am frightened of these strange feelings but hopefully they will get easier in time thankyou for sharing xxx


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