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Screwed things up

Was supposed to be away this weekend for a good friend of my husband's wedding. Booked a self catering cottage for 3 nights about two and a bit hours from home. Was fine yesterday on the way there..... Little wobbly but nothing bad. As soon as we got unpacked I freaked out - got upset and felt really uncomfy and nauseous. Woke up this morning straight into tears whilst telling my husband to just take me home. He managed to talk me round and we spent s nice afternoon going around a museum. Soon as we got back to the house to get ready for the wedding I exploded - full hysterics with sobbing and s shaky hand begging him to take me home - which he did. So now, I'm lying here in bed knackered and feeling foolish and like I've really let him down. Fear got the better of me and took hold. Just horrid :-(

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Hello Lindzl .

Give yourself some praise for actually going away for the weekend and managing to spend an afternoon walking around the Museum. We cannot but help when panic takes over and we start to lose control like feeling nauseous and getting into a mode of wanting to be at home where you feel safe. You are not alone can promise you that. Do not feel foolish or believe you have let anyone down you coped the best possible way you could. I know how panic gets its claws into you as i am feeling this right now. It is horrid but take one day at a time this is what i am trying to do although i know it is far from easy. Please God you feel more calm in the morning after a good nights sleep.

Take care


I agree well done , you went & did your best & next time you will do even better

I am sure hubby understands , you gave it your all & feel good about that & stop beating yourself up , you did the best you could hun

Its happened to me before , so you are not alone





It happens to us all, you really sometimes just have to dig deep and try not to let it win. But if it does dont be to hard on yourself, it's not your fault!


Hi Hun.Its strange how we need to get back home to feel safe when we Panic. I went through periods where I dreaded night time and going to bed, then I was anxious to get to bed.

It really does help if someone close to you gets advise on how to deal with us when we Panic.It might be an idea for your husband to get information on supporting someone with GAD. My Daughter is my saviour as she suffers occasional attacks so can Empathise and knows how to deal with me.

I have suffered for over 35 yrs. CBT really is the answer I have had 2 courses and I put this into practise whenever I get the fear to take Flight

We all know how each of us here on this site feel and what horror we go through. My sisters always used to ask me if I had had anything to eat or was I tired when I have a WOBBLY.They have no idea.

Good Luck xx


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