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why does anxiety hit you at weird times ?

ive done really well with my anxiety but it flares up at the most odd times i do have control over it but it just horrible when you think that you have got over it then bang its back i have a very supportive fiance and family and friends its the fussy head and thoughts i dont like then they disapper i also have derelization very bad that freaks me out anyone out there who feels the same x

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Hi donna

Like you say you have done really well , so dont be hard on yourself

Thats the thing with Anxiety , it either moves in to stay or when we work hard as you have & it moves out , it can come back now & again to pay us a visit ...tell it there is no room anymore & to move back out ;)

Keep doing what you have been doing & I am sure it will get the hint !

Well done for doing so well with this , its not easy , so give yourself some praise & be good to yourself as well , you deserve it





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